Thursday, 17 March 2016

Introducing my new feature: Life's Simple Pleasures

I'm a firm believer that happiness can be found in the little things in life. From time to time I'm going to be featuring reflections on life's simple pleasures as part of my blog. My personal view is that when we focus our attention on appreciating these small things, we can experience a more peaceful, contented and ultimately happy life.

I do hope that you agree and perhaps can find happiness or inspiration from the little things I showcase here.

Oh and I'd absolutely love to include your simple pleasures as part of this feature! Please let me know if you have an idea that I can share and I will happily include your guest post, or even write about your idea if you'd prefer not to do a post yourself.

The key here is that no thing is too small! Anything goes!

So without further ado, here is my simple pleasure I'm delighted to share with you today...

Have you ever pondered the great delight that a hot drink can bestow?

Call me British, but for me my simplest and happiest of pleasures is in drinking a wonderful cup of tea. The most uplifting hot drink of the day for me is that very first cup of tea in the morning. I pop the kettle on, make my brew, feel the steam rising onto my face, and take my first, long sip - it's almost impossible for me to do this without saying "aaaahhhhhh" afterward, and I always experience a feeling of utter bliss as I relish that moment of complete contentment.

For some, the drink may be a steaming hot coffee, be it latte, cappuccino, flat white, or espresso to name a few. For others still, a hot water adorned with lemon, lime or orange. Then of course there's the delights of hot chocolate or malted drinks such as Horlicks and Ovaltine (other brands are available!). Seasonal drinks such as mulled wine, mulled cider or gluvine are yet more examples of the wonders of heated beverages which can light up (and heat up) our lives.

If you think about it, hot drinks are there for us through the many ups and downs in our lives. During the darkest and saddest of times, when people come together to support each other, one of the common denominators that people can bond over is the desire to pop the kettle on and share thoughts over a cup of tea or mug of coffee. A good strong coffee has brought many a student through a late night vigil endeavouring to meet an assignment deadline. A very British "High Tea" has become a social phenomenon that people use to celebrate any number of special events - I've attended these for baby showers, hen do's and indeed my very own 40th birthday celebration last year. Then of course there's the after dinner coffee, a perfect close to many a social occasion such as weddings, anniversaries or just dinner out of an evening.

A few years back (2011 to be precise) I watched a highly entertaining television series: "The drink that speaks for modern Britain". I loved watching as James May and Ozzie Clarke travelled all over the British Isles visiting vineyards, distilleries and breweries sampling the drinks on offer with lots of laughs along the way. As their adventure drew to a close they sat outside their caravan discussing all the drinks they'd sampled, trying to decide what the winner should be. It feels quite apt to finish this article using the words of James May as the program drew to a close...

James May:
“Do you know what I think? I think there is one drink that genuinely invigorates this nation. It allows no hindrance to its enjoyment on the basis of class, or race, or education, or income, or geographical location. It gets things done, it’s something that unites the people of this nation, and it’s something that other nations in the world simply don’t get. There is one drink. Do you know what it is?

Oz Clarke:

James May:
“It’s a cup of tea isn’t it? A cup of tea is the drink that speaks for modern Britain."

Can a mug of hot coffee, or a nice cup of tea bring you the same pleasure as it does me? Do you have a simple pleasure you'd like to be featured? Please let me know in the comments or using the Contact form in the right hand sidebar...


  1. Nice post - when you drink your cuppa tea and it's at JUST the right temperature...oh yes!

    Another simple pleasure for me - Friday evening after work...that first sip of a cold beer! I don't drink at all during the week so it really is something I look forward to!

    1. Thanks Weenie, yes that cuppa just when you need it, is THE most perfect thing!

      I know what you mean about the Friday night drink, love it! It's been a while since I've worked anywhere that there's a Friday post-work head to the pub...but getting home and enjoying that first drink is wonderful. Shame you're not at the FIRE Escape on Friday...we could toast another Friday drink! Never mind, next time! It now looks like I'll need to be leaving between 10am-11am on the Saturday, so not sure whether our paths will cross this time or not...