Here is a list of sites I personally subscribe to because I think they're awesome:

UK based writers:
  • Financially Free by Forty - a super blog by Huw Davies which really inspired me to get started with this site
  • Quietly Saving - written by 40-something "weenie", charting her journey to be FIRE before 60
  • The FIREstarter - another of my favourite UK financial independence blogs
  • The Finance Zombie - Mr Zombie has been writing his blog since September 2014. He's in his early thirties, lives in the West Country and looks to have a goal of retiring by age 45
  • Early Retirement Guy - Guy is an IT consultant (same industry as me!) in his late twenties, who is writing about his journey to FI
  • There's Value - M at There's Value writes about Value Investing, Dividends, Passive Income and Frugal Living
  • Sex Health Money Death - written by Jim who's achieved FI, but is now contemplating the "Retirement" part of "FIRE"

Non-UK based writers:
  • Frugalwoods artfully written by US based couple "Mr & Mrs Frugalwoods" in their quest for a frugal lifestyle and financial independence
  • From Cents To Retirement - written by Benjamin who has lived in several countries so far (Germany, Portugal, Canada, Italy) and aspires to retire early within the next 10 years in Portugal (by the time he's 36)
  • Smart Passive Income - by Pat Flynn who shares strategies on how to generate a passive income. As well as his blog he also has 2 podcasts - The SPI Podcast and The Ask Pat Podcast 
  • Canadian Budget Binder written by "Mr. CBB" who's originally from the UK but now living in Ontario, Canada


  1. Hello OR... I just saw your comment on weenie's blog and thought I'd pop over to have a look. Thanks for putting me on the blog roll here... off to have a look around now :)

    1. Hi FIREstarter,

      I feel privileged to have you visit my site - yours was one of the very first sites I stumbled across in my search for early retirement knowledge, and helped inspire me to start my own journey! Thanks for stopping by :-)

  2. That's a very nice comment to hear. That's what makes blogging worth while (it certainly ain't for the money that's for sure... haha)
    I am sure you will be getting similar comments from other inspired bloggers soon enough :)

  3. Great list. Nice to find blogs outside the U.S. I'm familiar with some like There's Value.

  4. Hi there. Your Blogroll is great. Could you add my blog too? I think it would be a great fit ;) Thanks

    1. Hi Benjamin. Thanks for the compliment. I took a look at your blog From cents to retirement, it looks great - nice work. I'll be interested to follow how you get on with your goals this year...

    2. Thank you very much. Please do. ;)

  5. Hi OR, just spotted your site via my Wordpress stats, so thanks for having me on the blogroll. I will try to remember to return the favour. Coming to think of it, a lot of my site needs updated, not just the blogroll, so thanks for the inadvertent nudge for me to do it!

    1. Hi Jim,

      No problem at all, I enjoy reading your posts, so it's a pleasure to have you on my blogroll.